week 1 Mon 18 Feb Introduction and practical information. A historical perspective of Signal Processing. Transoceanic signal transmission
Tue 19 Feb Elementary discrete-time signals and operators. Energy and power. The Karplus-Strong algorithm with Python example.
Thu 21 Feb First session of the optional labs "Applied DSP on an ARM Microcontroller". Everyone is encouraged to attend, even if you don't plan on doing in the lab!
week 2 Mon 25 Feb Vector space and signal processing. Bases, subspaces and approximations. Optimal polynomial approximation via subspace projection.
Tue 26 Feb Introduction to Fourier analysis. The complex exponential. The Fourier basis. DFT
Thu 28 Feb Embedded DSP Labs -- session #2
week 3 Mon 04 Mar The DFT in matrix form. DFT of elementary signals. Plotting and interpreting the DFT. Using the DFT on real-world signals.
Tue 05 Mar The Discrete Fourier Series (DFS). The Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT).
Thu 07 Mar exercise session
Thu 07 Mar Embedded DSP Labs -- session #3
week 4 Mon 11 Mar Dirac deltas. The DTFT as a formal change of basis. Relationships between transforms. Zero-padding. Sinusoidal modulation.
Tue 12 Mar The Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT). The Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).
Thu 14 Mar exercise session
week 5 Mon 18 Mar Linear, time-invariant systems and stability theorem. Convolution theorem and frequency response.
Tue 19 Mar Ideal filters. Demodulation. Window and Frequency Sampling filter design methods.
Thu 21 Mar exercise session
week 6 Mon 25 Mar The z-transform. Constant-coefficient difference equations (CCDE). Filter structures. Intuitive filter design methods.
Tue 26 Mar Fractional delay and Hilbert filter. Design specifications. Infinite Impulse Response design methods.
Thu 28 Mar exercise session
week 7 Mon 01 Apr Optimal Finite Impulse Response filter design method (minimax).
Tue 02 Apr Real-time signal processing and guitar effects box demo in Python.
Thu 04 Apr exercise session
week 8 Mon 08 Apr Stochastic signal processing
Tue 09 Apr Adaptive Signal Processing
Thu 11 Apr exercise session
Thu 11 Apr Embedded DSP Labs -- session #4
week 9 Mon 15 Apr Guest lecture: A short walk through algorithms for an optical touch sensor, by Mihailo Kolundzija
Tue 16 Apr Mock Midterm
Thu 18 Apr Mock Midterm solution and discussion
week 10 no lectures this week
week 11 Mon 29 Apr Introduction to image processing. Bilinear interpolation. Two-dimensional Fourier Analysis. Edge detection
Tue 30 Apr Image compression: the JPEG standard.
Thu 02 May exercise session
week 12 Mon 06 May Continuous-time signals. Local interpolation. Sinc interpolation.
Tue 07 May Bandlimited sampling. Raw sampling and aliasing. Discrete- and continuous-time signal processing
Thu 09 May exercise session
Thu 09 May Embedded DSP Labs -- session #5 (final)
week 13 Mon 13 May Practical sampling and interpolation schemes. Bandpass sampling. Multirate signal processing. FIR-based sampling rate conversion
Tue 14 May Quantization. Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversions. Oversampled A/D and D/A conversions.
Thu 16 May exercise session
week 14 Mon 20 May Data transmission. The analog channel: bandwidth and power constraints. QAM. Probability of error. Voiceband modems.
Tue 21 May Modem design: the receiver. ADSL.
Thu 23 May exercise session
week 15 Mon 27 May Guest lecture by Arnaud Latty: "Digital control of an active acoustical transmission line"
Tue 28 May Final review, Q&A